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I'm a visual artist living in Montreal, Qc working at Tonic DNA as a Layout artist and looking for opportunities in the Freelance field.

I have always found it fascinating to be able to create illustrations since young age. I come from a nice neighborhood on the north shore nearby Montreal in Quebec. In high school (2006) I was already intrigued by the Wacom products and got my first tablet at this time. 

Traditional art is as much important to me. I find myself enjoying a lot of different mediums such as ink or lead pencils, acrylics and watercolour. 


After I moved in Montreal (2010), I went in a (2d) animated school (Cégep du Vieux-Montréal). After graduation (2014), I experienced many different Studios. After 5 years of experiences in the domain of animation and video games, become a freelancer was always on my mind.


I am working as a full time layout Artist at Tonic DNA

You can still contact me for freelance work.

I have the expertise to illustrate complex\simple or realistic\graphic illustrations. If you have a project to illustrate I would love to hear about it!



Speak english/ Parle Français

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Feature at

First experience on feature film

Louise en hiver

First time working on a movie production with really talented people. I was assigned to make some fx such as shadows and coloring animated characters.

Syn studio

Following a 10-month digital painting session, course participants are invited to present their final projects during an opening organized by Syn studio.



Festival Fantasia

Ma première représentation au grand publique avec mon film Perdre Le Cap.

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